Your Trusted Area Insurance Agent

Next Gen Benefits Solutions offers Employee Benefits, Individual Financial Products, and 831(b) Captive Insurance solutions. We are based out of Scottsbluff, Nebraska and provide insurance solutions for Nebraska, Wyoming, Kansas, South Dakota and Northern Colorado. 

Our continued education and use of the latest technology allows us to discover and offer the best insurance solutions for our clients. Additionally, our years of experience and client-centric approach assures you that we have your best interest front and center.

Next Gen Benefits Solutions is your trusted area insurance agent and we are here to meet your insurance needs and to build a life-long relationship with you.


Employee Benefits

Next Gen Benefits Solutions is aimed at “Redefining Employee Benefits.” We do that from a 360 degree approach.

An employee benefits program is not just about group health insurance plan coverage. We place a high value on ensuring everything from the employee experience to the claims process is handled in an efficient manner. By leveraging technology and innovative practices to deliver a world-class experience for you and your employees, we have made obtaining your company’s group health insurance easy.

We don’t aim to just be your agent, we want to be part of your team.

Individual Financial Products

Have you ever thought about how you would pay your bills, buy food, and take vacations if you were to become disabled by an accident or illness? Have you considered how your family would pay debts and put kids through college if you were to pass away prematurely?

Next Gen Benefits Solutions provides life insurance, including Term Life, Universal Life, and Whole Life insurance policies. Additionally, our CD Alternatives and Disability insurance will protect you and your family against the unknown.

We are here to help you build a comprehensive strategy that will allow you to sleep peacefully knowing you are protected.


831(b) Captive Insurance

831(b) Programs can be thought of as a 401k for a business. The goal of an 831(b) program is to do an in-depth analysis to where a traditional insurance strategy falls short and leaves your business at risk.

Next Gen Benefits Solutions has the expertise and resources needed to build a tax efficient, risk mitigation strategy that ensures your business can weather any storm. We are your experts in protecting your business in a better way.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment to learn more about how we can serve you.