Next Gen News – May 2024

Did you know?

Next Gen Benefits Solutions focuses on bringing value to you. If you are our client, you should have access to one of our valuable tools that is free to you, Mineral. If you’ve lost your login information, reach out, and we will ensure you have access!

Maybe you aren’t a current client but curious? Please see the attachment to learn more about Mineral and what it can do for you. We’d love to give this to you too as our client, but maybe you aren’t quite ready for that. If that’s you, ask us about purchasing your own subscription for only $45 per month!

P.s. having an attorney draft your handbook can cost $1000s, but Mineral makes it easy AND compliant in one easy to use spot.

Strategies for You!

Pharmacy claims can be a tapeworm for your employees budget. We’ve done some research and many people are paying an average of $28 per 30 day prescription fill, doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up! What if there was a solution that could allow your employees to fill their prescriptions for a fraction of that cost?

We can help with that through our partnership with ScriptCo Pharmacy. We are proud to offer our clients and prospects a cost effective membership that allows YOUR employees to purchase their generic medications as wholesale cost. What does that look like? We’ve highlighted a few common medications and what savings that generates for your people!

Levothyroxine- $1.08 per 90 day supply

Atorvastatin- $1.93 per 90 day supply

Metformin- $2.25 per 90 day supply

Omeprazole- $1.55 per 90 day supply

Albuterol- $0.95 per 15ml supply

Our partnership allows you to purchase a ScriptCo membership for just $6 per employee per month (PEPM). The good news is this allows your employees AND their family members to get medications at wholesale pricing. PLUS if they fill in 90 day supplies, ScriptCo gives them FREE shipping right to their front door.

***Please note the membership must be purchased on all employees excluding part-time and seasonal workers, although we’d recommend hooking them up too!***

Are you ready to invest in your employees and save them money? Let’s connect!

Need to Know

Do you use any form of self funding for your major medical benefits, including level-funded options, FSAs and HRAs?

If you do, this is your reminder that PCORI reporting is due July 31st! A reminder this fee is calculated by the number of participants on your health plan throughout the year, that includes dependents! If you need more information we’ve linked to the IRS website below.